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I'm Hatty hat hat hat hat hat hatty hat and i do ur mom on the weekends

Full time animation

the gulag

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holy shit who the fuck is this cunt, whoever decided that this CUNTNUGGET deserved user of the day has terirble taste holy shit who the FUCK is LITEARALHAT because LITERALHAT sounds like a username a 5 year old roblaocks player would make up holy frick!!!! why the hell would you even make a username out of a piece of clothing and jesus christ what a fuckin uncreative username like you literally just put literal on fromt of a piece of clothing come on did your parents drop you on the head while you were a baby.

additionally i went to their profile and for some reason this twink ass motherfucker has 237846823 artstyles and constantly draws shirtless boys with mohawk like come on dude why cant you draw big tiddy fnf art instead beacuse thats the only reaoson people come to newgrounds nowadays to look and jerk off to ninjamuffin 69 oh my god fucking get a life you fucking plebian. you literally post every fucking day do you have any friends in real life maybe you need god and jesus chritst our lord and saviour in this universe. its as if art is your only coping mechanism HOLYSHIT get a FUCKING LIFE You fucking PATHETIC PIE FCE OF SHIT

also what the hell is wrong with you and your character like this tosser is so lame and gay his weapon is literally a sharp banana why couldnt you have more creative ideas. like you could use an anime katana or be pico and have a uzi mac 10 gun thing buT NOOOOO you chose a FUCKING KARAMBIT!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? and WHY THE HELL DOES HE WEAR A DRESS AND does he a girl or a boy because he wears girl clothing but you say he is a boy but i want him to be a girl so i can jack off and be horny like i do to other anime girl.

but SRSLY HOLY SHIT this user LITERRHAT dOES not dseserve the user of the day on newgrond forum PLEASE CHANGE IT so we can actually feature GOOD artists like tomflup